Zaniri Golden Retrievers
2014 Brags:
- Chica earns US CD & CDX, plus Open CM (did I mention she turned 9?)
- Bear & Bev finish out the year with 2 Derby/Junior Field Trial first & place on US Derby list
- - Juice wins Qual 2nd in US, making her a Qualified All Age dog & CCA
- Stella and Hrudey earn great scores in Advanced Rally, for her 11th title in 2014
- Kensie & Linda earn mega titles and on to MH
- Juice, Flash, Stormy, Cozy & Chica earn placements & CMs in Qualified All Age stakes, plus more MH legs with Joanne
- CDX high scores & titles: Trooper & Monica, 
- Kathy & Koda finished their MH title, and ended the year with 3 UDX legs bringing his total to 8 of the required 10, with 3 High Combined, 1 HIT and lost a run off for another HIT.
- MH titles: Kipper & Maggie, Mary & Keener, Joanne & Flash 
- Puzzle & Leanne earn another perfect 200, plus GMOTCH GMH & is up to 36 HIT!
​- SH titles: Buzz & Sherrill, Brie & Catherine, Dave & Dylan, Diana & Parker, Oli & Mary, Susan & Hrudey and Linda & Kensie
- Trooper & Monica earn HIT & CD
- Koda & Kathy earn 2nd GMOTCh leg with another HIT, from Open and 8 Grand Master Hunter legs to boot!
- Charles & Brick, Hrudey & Susan, Brie & Catherine, Vida & Ellie & Linda & Kensie earn WCX titles

2013 Brags - sorry, developing a new method of tracking all you wonderful people and dogs, so please send me reminders for 2013 and I will add them!

2012 Major Brags:
Puzzle & Leanne had a great year,earning his GMOTCH, Canada's Number 8 Obed Dog (all breed) and number 3 Golden Retriever. #1 All Breed in Alberta!! Puzzle is the 4th Show Ch Golden in Canada to get the Grand Master OTCH Title!! 8 HITs. And watch for him in MH!
- Susan and Stella quickly earned Can CH with a Best of Breed. Stella then went on to earn her MOTCH and #20 Obed Dog in Canada, HITs.
Riley and Suzi had a wonderful year in Agility, earning ATChC, Select Bronze AOM for 10 Master Gambles, and Bronze Versatility Award of Merit.  #3 Aglity Dog in Canada, #1 in BC.
Chevy & Lori earn Grand Master Hunter, MVC and MOTCH titles, HIT, way to go!
- Gail & Trek earn Master Hunter title
- Flash/Joanne, Stormy /Colleen & Cozy/Sandy all earn Master legs, watch for them. 
Buzz & Sherrill finish Can CH and HIT
- Fetcher & Robin: Zaniri's Off The Chart CDX JH CCA WC Can WC along with HIT!
- Koda & Kathie: Zaniri's Koda of Ravengold Can SH WCX CDX; Am UD and HITalong the way! 

2011 Major Brags:
- Chica wins 1st at Qual to finish QFTR title
- Puzzle & Leanne earn 9th HIT
- What a weekend; Susan & Stella earn 3 legs and UD title, while Lori & Chevy also earn 3 UD legs and finish title. Way to go!