Winter 2017

Juice U.S. Qualified All Age will be bred for the final time to a male with advanced working titles around November, 2017. Titles are just building on her first litter, and 2nd litter is just over a year. Call us early for competition reservations as we already have several people waiting. 

Freddie (Keener x Puzzle) will be bred to a conformation/working dog. Puppies expected in early 2018. Puppies for all venues expected. 

Fall 2018

Kix youngest female Can Master National titlist at 2015 event, MH will be bred to an outstanding working dog, highly talented trainable puppies expected for all competition areas. 

Zuma will be bred to a darker working dog. High level hunt test and obedience puppies espected.

We expect these girls will produce outstanding performance dogs for hunt tests, obedience or any venue, who are highly trainable, good looking and most of all healthy and easy to live with companions. Puppies are raised in the house; biostimulation, lots of toys/birds in whelping box (see video), duck trailing, pigeons, jungle gyms on varying surfaces and lots of free range walks in the woods to build intelligence and confidence. Volhard temperament testing and outside conformation evaluation at 7 weeks, along with standard worming, first vaccination, dew claws on according to latest science and a written contract and warranty. Zaniri has a long term breeding program where some litters are focused more on increasing field or working traits (more suited for field trial, hunt test, agility or obedience), other litters are stronger on show side (suited for Can CH MH UD or anything you chose). Call or email us to discuss your specific interests in more detail. 
* Competition puppies normally reserved well in advance although cancellations do sometimes occur.

Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Golden Retrievers are terrific family companions if you have the time and energy needed to raise AND TRAIN a fast growing, enthusiastic and energetic puppy. If you have not raised a puppy before, or not for many years, please think about whether you have the time available and the energy to commit. It is not for the faint of heart! Click below for a great example of NOT TRAINING your sweet little 10 lb puppy:
                            Video (AKC) of Growing Untrained Pup