Zaniri Meant To Dazzle SH Can CD Am CD WCX CCA x Flashpaws Firecracker Am UD WC SH OBHF Cdn MH CDX WCX 

Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Sparks an outstanding young dog, at the beginning of what will be a great career. His pedigree brings forward many of the top field, agility and obedience dogs. He is 23in tall and a solid,  obedience ring and a quiet and affectionate companion at home. 

Sparks finished his CKC Master Hunter and AKC Senior titles at 2 years of age, with unbroken succession of passes at all levels. Sparks earned his CD with a 200, 199 and 199 and has gone one to many more accomplishments. He is flashy in the ring with great focus and drive. 

See more information on Sparks on hisown web page!

Dazzle is a very pretty, eager to please girl who earned her first Master leg the weekend she finished her Senior title. She is a great marker, confident in the water and very fast. She also earned a CD with very little training and good scores and was a natural obedience worker. She easily earned her CCA with many compliments from judges. Dazzle is a slighter, smaller and very fast/agile bitch with excellent structure. 

Puppies - This breeding brings together some of the most talented working retrievers around, excelling in all areas. This is an outcrossed litter with COI of 4.18% in 12 generations.  These puppies will have excellent obedience or hunt test potential  as well as agility or hunting companions while keeping strong Golden type.  

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