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Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Chester is a well balanced, athletic and energetic dog at 75 lbs and 24 inches tall. This boy is driven in the field, fully committed in the obedience ring and a quiet and affectionate companion at home. 

Chester finished his CKC JH at 6 months and by 18 months Chester completed his CD with three High in Class scores and earned his first HIT with a score of 199 before he was 2. During 2017, Chester completed several titles (MH, OTCH, MOTCH and American CD and CDX), seamlessly moving between hunt tests and obedience trials. He has an excellent obedience record with multi HIT - see info.

In the field, Chester is driven, powerful, skilled, steady and attentive. He loves the water and is happy to break through difficult cover to retriever his birds. In the obedience ring, he is a confident, devoted and attentive teammate and a powerful heeling dog that enjoys people’s attention, always ready for the next challenge. Chester is a very adaptable dog that is able to perform under pressure. 

Beyond his performance career, Chester has a full-time job as a high school classroom dog, mostly as the class clown! He welcomes every student with boundless enthusiasm but knows when someone needs him to be a quiet companion. Chester is a very happy dog that loves people more than anything in the world.

Freddie is a sweet and easy to live with girl, very trainable and with a great pedigree. Puppies are due late December, and ready to go to new homes mid February. She comes from an outstanding litter with megatitles and multiple dogs with multiple HITs, which indicates her potential to produce. She easily earned her CCA with compliments from judges. Littermates

Her single puppy from her first litter is a good looking boy, who has lots of drive in the field.
Puppies - This breeding brings together some of the most talented working retrievers around, with a heritage of great marking, strong perseverance and wonderful water courage. These puppies would be excellent high level hunt test competitors, exciting obedience or agility workers and of course great hunting companions while keeping strong Golden type.  

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Chester as a puppy in training