RockErin Fionn MacCool JH WCX  x Zaniri Reddie Freddie CCA 

Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Finn is a very dark red male of approximately 72 pounds. He is very muscular and athletic in structure. 

Finn is also a very good hunting dog with a strong nose, relentless retrieves and leaves nothing unturned in the field and his pups have also proven themselves to be very strong waterfowl hunters as well. Other pups have done well in hunt tests, obedience and agility.

Finn  produces pups who are easy to train and eager to learn; they have great drive yet are very sensible and sane. He is a good mentor to pups, shows them the ropes yet is never mean or snappy with them. He meets people, no matter what size, with enthusiasm and kindness and loves any and all attention he can get. 

See Finns' page for photo  & more info

Freddie is a sweet and easy to live with girl, very trainable and with a great pedigree and outstanding littermates to indicate her potential. She easily earned her CCA with compliments from judges.
Puppies - This breeding brings together some of the most talented working retrievers around, with a heritage of great marking, strong perseverance and wonderful water courage. These puppies would be excellent high level hunt test competitors, agility or hunting companions while keeping strong Golden type.  

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