Chica - Can CH GMH OTCH Zaniri's Cheeky Monkey Can QTFR WCX RE VCX Am CDX MH WCX ** CCA VCX OD   (Zaniri's Justa Happy Lad Am Can MH Can ***  x Maplebears Island Fancy Can JH)

Chica earned her CKC and then AKC Senior Hunter in straight tests in early 2008, and her Can and AKC Master titles in fall 2009. She went out in spring 2010 for a 2nd place in her first Qual, earning her Qualified All Age status. With a 1st place in 2011, she finished her Can QFTR title. She started her show career in BBE, finishing Can Championiship quickly in fall 2011. Chica never stops making us proud and thrilled, and has gone on to earn multiple more field trial placements, and then in 2014 earned her CD and CDX, we think making her eligible for GRCA VCX, And then the ultimate, she earned a Reserve JAM in the Open field trial on Vancouver Island Oct 4/14.

Chica is beautifully built, winning her conformation class under Gloria Kerr at GRCC national specialty with positive comments, especially in terms of her front and overall type. She is a great working dog, stylish and talented in field, especially excelling in water courage and water blinds. And best of all a great temperament and an ideal ON/OFF switch. We are especially proud of her equally (and perhaps even more) talented kids.

Chica x Trip
Chica x Stanley
Chica x Copper

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