Juice - GMH Talin Zaniri Frz'n Concentrate Can WCX CD RN Am CD WCX *** CCA ​
(Can CH Zaniri's Cheeky Monkey Can CDX MH WCX QFTR/*** Open JAM Am MH WCX CCA x Trip Talin's Heart Act To Follow MH WC *** (17.5 all-age pts/Am Win))

Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Juice - is an incredibly talented dog, co-owned w/Llinda Wiacek. Juice is an incredibly birdy dog, who always goes with full commitment. She is happy go lucky, handling pressure and fun equally well and gets along with everyone. Juice achieved the coveted Qualified All Age designation in the US, with multiple placements and a second place in tough competition, including a JAM at the 2013 GRCA National Qualifying stake in Texas. She also has a series of placements in Canada. After her puppies go home in spring 2015, she will continue to compete in Field Trials and complete her Master Hunter titles in both countries. 

She has her CCA and  is a very sound and typey example of the breed. We plan to  show her in conformation in Canada and have high hopes she will follow in moms' footsteps to become a Ch qualified all age dog in Canada.

Juice comes from a strong pedigree of field, obedience and show dogs, and the depth of her genetic potential shows in her MH sister Cozy, who is a super marker who never quits, along with Trooper, Finn and Brie who are all out competing successfully, see info on littermates.

Juice had her first litter in December 2014, and will be bred to a talented field trial dog in late 2015. Early reservations for puppies are highly recommended.

Juice Puppies: