Kipper - NMH2 GMH Zaniri's Outlaw Billy the Kip RA CGN Can/US WCX and MH ***
(FC AFC OTCH FTCH AFTCH Can MOTCH TNT's Stanley Steamer UDX WCX Can MH OBHF FDHF OS x Can CH GMH Zaniri's Cheeky Monkey Can CDX WCX QFTR Am CD MH WCX ** CCA) 

Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Kipper is an exciting dog who brings together the best qualities of a multi-purpose Golden Retriever. He is a terrific marker, very strong in the water with tremendous drive, but a great team player. He is a handsome boy, approximately 23", with good angulation, excellent topline and depth of body - he is Show Championship pointed with limited showings. Kipper has finished his Canadian Grand Master Hunter title with outstanding performances and has completed his US Master Hunter. Kip is currently the only Golden Retriever in Canada with two back-to-back National Master Hunter passes. He is currently in the process of finishing his Rally obedience titles and will be competing in obedience starting in the Winter of 2017/2018. Kipper has placed in several field trials in Canada as well as finishing US field trials.  

He is owned by Maggie Trottmann and lives near Buffalo in Stevensville, Ontario. Contact Maggie at 289-397-0256 for info on stud services. She is retired so would consider travel to a quality bitch. Contact by email :  

If you would like any up to date pictures, please let me know.
Green girl from Kippers' first litter: