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- Amazing Bev & Joe with Bear! He is top Golden Open field trial dog at this point in US! And Lucy earned her JH too!
- Congratulations Zinger & Barbara, what a weekend! Zinger earned her UD, 2 UDX legs, two OTCh points, and 57 Obedience points in one weekend.
- We are super proud of Katharine & Brie on finishing their Master Hunter title this weekend too. Especially exciting as Katharine is a first time hunt test trainer, who has trained Brie entirely with help from her local group. She also earned Avi's JH!
- Susan & Hrudy earn their first AKC UD leg!
- Solar and Maggie earn leg #10 and his Preferred UDX title. On Saturday Solar earned an insurance UDX leg.
- Ben & Suzi earn 2 Started legs
- Patton finishes his JH, owned by Ted.
- Robin and Fetcher take runoff for Open 1st at the German Shepherd club and HIT 198. 
- Zinger & Barbara earn first two UD legs!
- Happy to see Kira and Tayah at 10 years young rocking the Dock Diving!
- Trooper & Monica earn HIT!
- Tear'n and Robin earn her NA title!
- Well a fine weekend of news!  Lisa with Shine got his CDX leg with 194, Puzzle got HIT in Calgary with 198.5 and on same weekend in Arizona Kathie and Riskie got a CDX leg with "only" 198 but beat out for HIT by Kodi 198.5 out of UD! What stars!
- Shine and Lisa won the Rally Excellent B and Novice Intermediate classes!  
- Trooper & Monica's 6th HIT!!
- Solar and Maggie earned his 6th UDX leg at Amarillo trial.  He passed Utility B 3 out of 4 days with 2  placements – a 4th pl and a 2nd pl. Well Done!
- Fetcher and Robin finish AKC OTCH!
- Marilyn & Susan earn Can CD with 2 HIT and 4 HIT one weekend!
- Dazzle & Joanne earn Can CD in 3 straight.
- Riskie & Kathie earn 2 AKC CD legs, one with 198.5 for HIT! 
- Oli & Mary win HIT from Nov B on Friday with 198, Sat 197.5 2nd Highest in Trial (to littermate Scrabble), Sun HIT and RWB in conformation! Pretty cool!
- Scrabble & Leanne earn HIT w/198.5 
- Kensie & Linda earn MH leg, and Sandie completes 9th leg to her GMH!

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Congratulations Chevy & Katherine! On earning Number 1 Rally Obedience dog in Canada for 2017. So lucky to have been able to take this journey with Chev. At 11 years young he is an amazing competitor and friend. He gives everything you ask of him and then some. Thank you Lori Little for allowing me to be his retirement home .... but not sure we are ready to put our feet up yet. Thank you also to everyone in the Tuesday night rally classes. You guys are the best. Special thanks to Joy Henderson, Kim Anderson and Adele Mahaffy

GMH MOTCH Zaniri's Custom Coupe