Proud Breeders (Over 25 Years):
Hunt Test, Obedience, Field Trial, 
Show, Hunters & Most Importantly, 
Trainable Family Companions
Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Recent Brags :
- Juice wins Qual 4th Place!
- Puzzle takes another 3 HIT!
- Juice earns 3rd AKC Qual JAM!
- Hrudey & Susan earn AKC CDX legs
- Puzzle & Leanne earn 3 x HIT all from UD at Camrose
- GRCBC CCA; Brothers: Ace/Craig & Buzz/Sherrill as well as Cozy/Sandy Zuma/Lynne, Hrudey/Susan 
- Hrudey & Susan earn HiC Nov B
- Flash & Joanne earn Can CD
- Chica earns 2 CDX legs
- Zuma & Lynne earn HiC Nov A
- Chica earns AKC CD, so think she qualifies for GRCA VCX
- Puzzle earns 2 more HIT
- Stella & Susan earn AKC CDX
- Cozy & Sandy earn AKC CDX leg, & Cozy earns 3 EGRC trophies: Most titled dog in 2013, Dual Purpose Obedience & Hunting, and Advanced Hunting Retriever
- Juice earns Qual JAM in CA
- Bear & Bev earn Derby JAM in CA, note this is Bev's first competition dog!
- Fletcher & Robin earn a 199 in a 46 dog open class, winning 3 way run-off for 2nd place and his first OTCH points.

Evergreen CCA:
- Monica & Trooper earn CCA
- Chica, Juice & Flash also earn CCAs

GRCA National 2013:
- Puzzle & Leanne win 4th place in Qualified All Age at GRCA National Spec, along with 4th in Novice B, 2nd in Novice Dog conformation, and Triathalon Award
- Scrabble & Leanne earn 2nd place in GRCA Puppy FT stake
- Solar & Maggie earn 1st place at GRCA novice JWW
- Sunni & Marion earn 1st place in excellent JWW (Jumpers with Weaves) and she earned her MXJ title
- All 3 girls; Chica, Flash and Juice (coown with Linda) win JAMs in Qual at GRCA Specialty FT

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Boarding with Kira:
Zaniri's Fire Bear WC** Can JH, way to go on Derby Field Trial 4th place, and 2 JAMs! Bear is owned by Bev and Joe Tecklenborgearn and handled by Bev. This is her first competition dog, so we are very proud that the whole "family" have contributed; co-breeders Mark Accola/Joanne Kinney, sire Casey's owner Marie Doherty and his trainer, Patti Kiernan. Watch out for this promising young dog, as he will not be 2 till November.