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Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Recent Brags :
- Kensie & Linda earn MH leg, and Sandie completes 9th leg to her GMH!
- Riley earns another leg to Agility Gold!
- Bear & Mark earn 2 Qual 1sts in US, Bev earns another in Can for CKC QFTR title!
- Ace & Craig earned their UD!
- Laureen & Kix earn 3 MH legs towards GMH
- Dealer & Val earn WC!
- Marilyn & Susan earn WC
- Zinger & Barbara earn JH
- Trooper & Monica earned a second OTCH point with 197 & 3rd place in Utility B!
- Ed Small & Ziva earn CD in 3 straight trials with 2 firsts, a second and tie for HIT!​
- Scrabble & Leanne earn Can CH!
- Shine & Tracey took first conf. points
- Angela & Jenga earn WC
- Koda & Kathie earn 6th GMOTCH leg with  a 197 in Utility and 198 1/2 in Open for HIT! 
- Scrabble & Leanne earn WCX, 1st Field Dog, 198.5 in Nov B and Nan Gordon at GRCC National
- Riskie & Kathie earn WCI, win run-off with 198.5 in Nov B and compete for Nan Gordon
- Shine & Lisa Barnard earned WC
- Oli & Mary earn MH title!
- Cedar & Bill fnish MH title!
- Zuma and Lynne finish SH title
- Finn & Betty earned RAE title, took first place and took high combined 
- Cozy, owned by Sandy & handled by Mark earn AKC MH title
- Chuck & Brick, CD title with a 1st and HIT /199 at Dayton DTC trial
- Hrudey & Susan finish MH title in fine form
- Kensie, owned by Linda and handled by Sandie Bond finish MH
- Dazzle, owned by Barbara Feyh, handled by Katie Quarrles finishes SH and earns first MH leg! Dazzle has now re-joined our family, since Barb lost her battle with cancer.

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Boarding with Kira:
Recommended Vet care 
          Victoria, B.C.

Congratulations to Kensie for a great Summer! She earned multiple titles with owner Linda Bryerton, including her Am WCX, SH and with trainer Sandie Bond of Dovetail Kennel she completed her Can MH in 6 straight tests and 9 of her legs to Grand Master Hunter! Linda is now successfully handling her in Master. Thank you, Linda for letting this terrific dg show what she can do!