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Recent Brags :
- Kensie & Linda earn MH leg, and Sandie completes 9th leg to her GMH!
- Riley earns another leg to Agility Gold!
- Bear & Mark earn 2 Qual 1sts in US, Bev earns another in Can for CKC QFTR title!
- Ace & Craig earned their UD!
- Laureen & Kix earn 3 MH legs towards GMH
- Dealer & Val earn WC!
- Marilyn & Susan earn WC
- Zinger & Barbara earn JH
- Trooper & Monica earned a second OTCH point with 197 & 3rd place in Utility B!
- Ed Small & Ziva earn CD in 3 straight trials with 2 firsts, a second and tie for HIT!​
- Scrabble & Leanne earn Can CH!
- Shine & Tracey took first conf. points
- Angela & Jenga earn WC
- Koda & Kathie earn 6th GMOTCH leg with  a 197 in Utility and 198 1/2 in Open for HIT! 
- Scrabble & Leanne earn WCX, 1st Field Dog, 198.5 in Nov B and Nan Gordon at GRCC National
- Riskie & Kathie earn WCI, win run-off with 198.5 in Nov B and compete for Nan Gordon
- Shine & Lisa Barnard earned WC
- Oli & Mary earn MH title!
- Cedar & Bill fnish MH title!
- Zuma and Lynne finish SH title
- Finn & Betty earned RAE title, took first place and took high combined 
- Cozy, owned by Sandy & handled by Mark earn AKC MH title
- Chuck & Brick, CD title with a 1st and HIT /199 at Dayton DTC trial
- Hrudey & Susan finish MH title in fine form
- Kensie, owned by Linda and handled by Sandie Bond finish MH
- Dazzle, owned by Barbara Feyh, handled by Katie Quarrles finishes SH and earns first MH leg! Dazzle has now re-joined our family, since Barb lost her battle with cancer.

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Boarding with Kira:
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          Victoria, B.C.
Keela (Emma x Bear) was born on Halloween. The litter was always quiet and calm, however on going to their new homes they blossomed in personality and became fairly busy from what I am hearing. Keela was the pic female of the litter and it was determined that she would go to people in Chicago. An unforeseen issue came up for them and they could not keep her.

Keela is an absolute doll and very smart. She is spunky and cute as a button. I have grown very attached to this little girl but Mark has a new pup very close to the same age and keeping both would make it very hard for either one to reach their true potential. I am looking for a home that would not only love her to pieces but would also be participating in hunt tests and/or obedience, rally, agility events as I think she could be a really good competition pup. She wants to learn and work so it would be a shame to not perpetuate that attitude.

Keela /kee-la/ as a name for girls, is of Irish derivation, and the meaning of the name Keela is "beautiful, graceful".

Please call Colleen for more information at 360-400-1840. Info on the litter.