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Zaniri Golden Retrievers
Recent Brags :
- Juice wins Qual 4th place
- Kathy & Koda win HIT! And he has 6 Grand Master Hunter legs to boot!
- Kensie & Linda earn WCX and SH legs
- Cozy and Stormy earn CM in Qual
- Juice earns Qual 3rd, Cozy RCM and Flash a CM
- Hrudey & Susan earn WCX
- Vida & Elle earn WCX
- Brie & Catherine earn WCX & SH leg
 - Buzz & Sherrill earn SH leg
- Sisters Juice & Cozy earn MH legs, handled by Joanne
- Stormy & Joanne finish CKC MH title
- Kensie, owned by Linda and handled by Sandie, earns 3 SH legs in a row 
- Maggie & Kipper earn more MH legs
- Zinger & Barb earn first JH leg
- Susan & Hrudey finish SH title
- Kensie & Linda finish JH title, earn WC and WCI all in two weekends
- CD, JH, CGC and CCA
- What a great Zaniri weekend in Kamloops: 
MH x 3 for Flash & Joanne
Stormy & Joanne x 2 MH
Keener & Mary x 2 MH and title
1st Master leg for Cedar & Bill 
Hrudey & Susa earn x 3 SH and title
Dhillon & Dave earn x 3 SH and Title
Brie &  earn SH leg
Parker & Diana earn 2 SH legs
 - Cozy & Sandie earn CDX leg
- Debbie & Kate earn NAHRA leg
- Kensie & Linda earn WC
- Hrudey & Susan earn JH title and first AKC SH leg
- Kate & Debbie earn CD 
- Kathie & Koda earn UDX and Master OTCh!
- Bev & Bear earn  2nd Junior FT 1st
- Flash & Joanne earn Qual 3rd!
- Chica & Joanne earn Qual 3rd, Flash & Joanne earn Qual 4th
- Dave & Dylan earn 197 HIT for CD, then move up & HIT w/CDX legs
- Zuma & Lynne earn CD!
- What a weekend! Juice & Joanne take 3rd in Qual, Bev & Bear take 1st in Junior stake
- Scramble's brother Tango turns 15!!
- Juice wins Qual 4th Place!
- Puzzle takes 3 more HIT at Red Deer!
- Juice earns 3rd AKC Qual JAM!
- Puzzle & Leanne earn 3 x HIT all from UD at Camrose
- GRCBC CCA; Brothers: Ace/Craig & Buzz/Sherrill as well as Cozy/Sandy Zuma/Lynne, Hrudey/Susan 
- Chica earns AKC CD, so think she qualifies for GRCA VCX
- Puzzle earns 2 more HIT
- Stella & Susan earn AKC CDX
- Bear & Bev earn Derby JAM in CA, note this is Bev's first competition dog!
- Fletcher & Robin earn a 199 in a 46 dog open class, winning 3 way run-off for 2nd place and his first OTCH points.- Monica & Trooper earn CCA
- Chica, Juice & Flash also earn CCAs

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Boarding with Kira:

Huge Congratulations to Linda Bryerton & Kensie - Zaniri's Storm Hits Sunhillow Can JH WCX Am JH on completing their Can Senior Hunter title very quickly at 18 months. Linda handled her to several passes, including her final one while well known and talented field trainer Sandie Bond of Dovetail Kennels did much of her training and has handled her along the way as well. Kensie is moving up to Master now and we hope to see her earn her title in both countries over this fall and winter in Alabama. Kensie is a very talented young dog, showing her moms style and water courage, blended with dad FC Casey's great marking ability and consistent performance  as a young dog.